How Does Radiant Recruiting find the best candidates?

We have an internal database of over 20,000 qualified candidates, a broad professional network, and we continuously source and screen potential candidates to continue to grow our potential candidates. We are always accepting applications!

What types of placements do you offer?

From entry-level to the executive level, we have the network to provide qualified candidates for any opportunity you have.

What industries do you provide staffing solutions for?

We provide qualified candidates for many industries, including Government Contract Support, Information Technology, Construction, Corporate Opportunities, and any other needs your organization may have.

Can you explain your screening process?

We get to know you and your company’s needs first and foremost. Then we use our internal candidate pool and our networks to find qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and finally, we submit to you the best of the best candidates. 

I think Radiant Recruiting is the partner we need, how do we get started?

You can message us through the “Contact” page. An account manager will contact you to schedule a free consultation. 

Ready to get started?

Contact us to learn more about recruiting services.